Race for a Reason - Ironman 2015 for Refugees
Race for a Reason København Hjælp flygtninge og fordrevne i verdens brændpunkter

Race for a Reason - Ironman 2015 for Refugees

I made it to the finish lines :-) Thank you to everybody who contributed so far. Facing the last 25 K's run in the streets of Copenhagen, my body just wanted to stop doing what it was doing due to sore legs and feet. But, as I thought of this campaign - it made sense to keep on going for the medal! This year Race for a Reason will continue the success from 2014 of combining the joy of doing triathlon with a humanitarian crowdfunding goal. I raise contributions in connection to participating in Ironman Kronborg/Half Distance on June 21 and Ironman Copenhagen/Full Distance on August 23. I hope that you will help me help Danish Refugee Council with a donation - so they can help people in need worldwide, who do not have the stabil luxuary lives to do leisure sports such as triathlon as I do! Danish Refugee Council operates for refugees in Denmark and worldwide. Personally I volunteered for DRC in the Copenhagen Councilling for Refugees years ago - here I learned lessons for life from refugees of how challenging it can be to leave your country, and often family, behind because of some war to flee to an unknown future. I will appreciate that you help me raise contributions to DRC's work with any amount. Thank you for your support - It will make my way to a second year Ironwoman a bit more joyfull than it allready is :-) You can read more about Race for a Reason on www.race-for-a-reason.com

Amount Raised:
Target: 5,000 kr.
6/16/2015 9/19/2015



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Race for a Reason - Ironman 2015 for Refugees
Race for a Reason
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