Take Care Tala
Olivia Hoirup Holbæk Assist refugees and internally displaced persons across the globe

Take Care Tala

We are a group of gymnasium students that are trying to make good on our word to a friend and classmate named Tala- a Jordanian refugee and Danish asylum seeker. She had fled from Jordan and came to Denmark seeking asylum, only to be denied it after spending three years in the country learning the language and moving from school to school and center to center. Ultimately, when she thought she had a year left in Denmark, she and her family were given only two weeks to pack up their lives and move back to a country where they had almost nothing. While we only knew Tala for a short time, she had a lasting impact on us. Upon asking her if there was anything we could do for her, she said that she wanted us to try to help other families that had experienced or were experiencing the same thing as she and her family had. That is why we began this fundraiser: not only to help our friend and classmate but to help all the others like her in this world in any way possible.

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Target: 2,750 kr.
11/3/2019 3/12/2019



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Take Care Tala
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